Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Owl sighting

Well we have a new BFF in our backyard that has set up shop.
Good and bad.
We have 2 small Pekingese dogs, 10 and 13 pounds.
I pray they won't get hurt.
I go out back with them to potty now and bring them right back in.
My friend told me the Navajos believe that when an owl comes around and looks at you like this one means someone is going to die soon. Scary. Ever hear of that?
I think the Pima in AZ believe that too. Superstitious thing. But if it's true that's kinda scary.
Still recovering.
I smiled too much the other day and split one of the inside stitches. hurt like mad. i'm doing OK though.
What's going on in your world lately?


  1. I've never heard that before, but it is a beautiful bird.

  2. We actually had a newscaster announce one year, during owl mating season, that we should keep all small dogs in during the night hours. What an awesome pic!

  3. Glad you are doing okay. Be careful of that owl, they will take a small dog and/or cat!!!
    xo KRis

  4. Yes those Owls will certainly snatch up small animals, be careful. He's givin you the stink eye! LOL I hope you are feeling better and on the road to a quick recovery!